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Breath Alcohol Testing in Greenville, SC

Breath Alcohol

If your organization seeks to reduce workplace-related accidents, breath alcohol screening that identifies potentially impaired behavior is available from ARCpoint Labs of Greenville, SC. We offer organizational breath alcohol screening, which is also available to DOT-regulated companies.

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How We Screen Breath Alcohol Levels

ARCpoint Labs of Greenville, SC uses BAT screening tests that are DOT-approved. Prior to screening, each device is fitted with a disposable mouthpiece. The person being tested — who experiences no discomfort in this process — is then asked to blow into the device mouthpiece, and the blood alcohol percentage of the exhaled air is immediately tested. We monitor air blank and external calibration on each device to ensure accurate results are produced; results are DOT approved.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Workplace?

Consuming alcohol introduces alcohol into the bloodstream, raising the percentage of alcohol in their blood. This measure is known as blood-alcohol level, When a worker’s blood-alcohol level is elevated, it can impair their ability to work effectively and safely.

The effects of blood-alcohol levels cover a spectrum. At the low end, e.g. 0.02 – 0.03%, a person experiences the sensation of relaxing. By the time a person’s blood-alcohol level reaches 0.05 to 0.10%, muscle coordination is compromised. Reaction time slows as well, and the person’s judgment is impaired. The negative effects on coordination, reaction time and judgment have serious implications for jobs that require a person to drive and/or operate machinery. Legal intoxication thresholds vary from state to state, but a 0.08% blood-alcohol level is a standard benchmark for intoxication. A blood-alcohol breath test will accurately reflect the current percentage of alcohol in a person’s system.

Elevated alcohol levels, hangover symptoms and long-term alcohol dependence can lead to these and other complications:

  • Compromised staff safety
  • Jeopardized workplace efficiency
  • Greater potential for mistakes, judgement errors and accidents
  • Reduced attendance
  • Lower quality performance
  • Inability to concentrate, resulting in slower performance
  • Health problems related to social and psychological well being
  • Higher risk of medical problems associated with alcohol
  • Greater risk of workplace disharmony

ARCpoint Labs’ of Greenville, SC reliable methods for testing, screening and detection ensure we meet the most stringent guidelines for breathalyzer alcohol testing.

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DOT-Approved Breath Alcohol Testing

Testing regulations specified by the DOT require that:

  • Only NHTSA-approved evidential breathalyzer (EBT) drug and alcohol testing devices be used
  • Approved devices must also be operated by trained breath alcohol technicians (BAT)

ARCpoint Labs of Greenville, SC meets both standards: Only BAT-certified technicians operate NHTSA-approved equipment for our DOT alcohol tests.
Call your local ARCpoint Labs of Greenville, SC for additional information related to DOT alcohol screening.

Breath Alcohol Testing – ARCpoint Labs of Greenville, SC

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